Buffalo's favorite ice cream vendors


We're ice cream street vendors in Buffalo, New York. We sell ice cream novelties, prank toys, and magic tricks from bicycles for just a buck each. As well as ice cream themed products and apparel right here on our website.


Hi. I'm James. I started Ice Creamcycle 10 years ago. People often ask where I came up with the idea. I wish I had the perfect story to tell, but I just thought it was cool and wanted to do it. I mean who didn't fantasize about being an ice cream dude when they were a kid?! Despite objections from my parents (sorry) I quit my job the day that first bike arrived and began my ice cream journey.

All of these years later I still love ice cream biking because it's just so happy. People's excitement is really infectious, and the kids' enthusiasm keeps me young. I always roll into the garage at night with a big smile on my face. I love my city and being on a bike really allows me to explore it and to get to know my fellow Buffalonians and build friendships with them. 

Yell 'hey' next time you see me riding by, I'd love to have a popsicle with you. Strawberry fruit bars are my fav! 


I'm Jerrod, I’ve been an ice cream dude since 2014 and my favorite color is orange.

As a younger dude playing little league I always used to see James rolling through Shoshone Park on his ice cream bike. I would think to myself “hey that’s pretty cool, this guy has a bike filled with ice cream and he’s just munchin’ away on one.”

A few years later I was doing the same thing.
 My first day I had no idea what was in store and was just excited to roll around with ice cream all day. That is still just what it’s like to be an ice cream dude. Every day I meet new crazy kids and find new parts of Buffalo to share Ice cream. No day is ever the same. 

Basically I get to roll around on a bike full of ice cream and talk with people. It’s a pretty good deal.


I'm Ben. I love science. I love summer. I love biking. I love ice cream. That's really all there is to it.

Currently, I'm a mechanical engineering student at SUNY Binghamton but I love coming home for the summer. There's just nothing else like loading up a bike, getting out there and cruising through Delaware Park on a hot summer day while having a creamsicle or Bomb Pop. 


Hey, I'm Daniel, and I've been riding the Ice Creamcycle for 2 years. 

I graduated Buffalo State in 2016 with a BA in restaurant management. I like to play guitar and basketball. My favorite popsicle is the red white and blue Bomb Pop. And I prefer to ride the green bike because that has the only seat which doesn't hurt your butt.


The best part of ice cream biking are the relationships you make with the kids you see every week. It makes the ride all the more worthwhile, and even comes in handy too.

I remember the time I got my first flat. I hadn’t been ice cream biking all that long by that point, and I had never gotten a flat before. On that particular day I was out pretty far from home base, exhausted, and ready to head back when it happened. I knew I had some basic tools in my box, but I called James for advice. It seemed like hardly a one-man job, and I wasn’t quite sure what to do. Luckily, one of the neighborhood kids saw me sitting there, stuck, and came over to see what was up. I recognized him; he was one of the kids that often couldn’t afford an ice cream but came by any time I rode through anyway. He offered to help, and together we got the bike over a curb so that the flat tire was hanging off the side, replaced the tube, and pumped it back up. All in all, it was about 20 min of frustrating work, but we got through it together. I was thankful, and gave him an ice cream of his choosing free of charge (granted, this is before we launched the pay-it-forward campaign).

It seems simple looking back, but that kind of connection isn’t something you get with a stranger in most jobs and is one of the many reasons I love ice cream biking.