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pay it forward

7/8/16 One of the hardest parts about being an ice cream dude is seeing the disappointment on a kids face when all of their friends buy ice cream but they're left out because they don't have a dollar.

While we do have a number of freebies we're allowed to give out each day (I usually make the kids answer a math problem, or pick up litter or something) we simply can't afford to give to every single person. Trust me, we get asked a lot!

I don't like the idea of just giving something away to a kid without at least trying to teach a lesson. We're in these neighborhoods everyday and are a part of these kids lives, therefore we have the responsibility to be positive role models. So we came up with the idea that if they want a free ice cream, they're going to have to write a thank you note.

I often have people give me a few bucks and say give ice cream to the next few kids. However they never get to see the joy on kids faces when I hand them out. Now there's an opportunity to put a smile on someone's face and receive one in return.

If you buy a kid ice cream we're going to have them write a thank you which we'll mail to you. Maybe it arrives in your mailbox long after you've forgotten about it, maybe it arrives on a day you could use an extra smile.

If you'd like to pay it forward you can do so [link disabled for now, no more donations needed this summer]

I had to set a $5 minimum online because the credit card fee is too high, but if you'd like to donate less we'll gladly accept in person. Between the postcard printing costs, postage, labor, etc this is not something I'm doing to make money. Rather I just think it's something that just makes all of us feel good.

Thanks for helping us see to it that no kid goes without ice cream.

***Below are the end of season update postcards we sent out in 11/2016. As you can see, we still have a bunch of ice cream to hand out and likely won't run out until July of 2018! I'd rather not collect further donations until we've handed out the majority of what we currently have. Thanks for understanding.